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  • Bedding/Home ok?

    nyanzai - - Unterbringung und Einrichtung


    One other question, is hay okay mixed in with the bedding/substrate to help stabilise burrows, someone said it could harm the hamster so I got worried. I used italian rye grass hay that has been dried for 2 years. missing? 4-BA477-F1-D51-C-4-C77-A311-6-D3868981319.jpg this is my cage. It has internal dimensions of 116cm x 55.5cm so around 6438cm2 with 23-25cm depth of bedding. Wheel is 27cm.

  • Yes! I got some persimmon branches to nibble on. edit smurf79: separated here Bedding/Home ok?

  • Hi, someone mentioned that it was okay to seek advice here in English, so I hope this is okay. I’m about to get a dwarf hamster from an accidental litter next Sunday. I’ve done some research by google translating German information to create a food mix. In Japan we can’t get good quality mixes like rodipet so I had to create my own. Seeds here are very expensive so I’ve used larger quantities of cheaper seeds (though maybe made the mix too high in fat). I’ve used what I had in my house mostly, …