Perser - Kastration nötig für (Wieder-)Vergesellschaftung?

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    • Hihi, Jaffar - why don't you just write in English, I am an American and most Germans understand English quite well!

      Jaffar&Friends schrieb:

      Zuchteltern (jetzt 2 Jahre)
      That means that your breeding pair 1 male 1 female have not hat babies yet?

      Females of the same clan can be kept usually without any problem in big groups - three to nine :D

      Usually three to five ladies, no problem.

      Boys are a bit trickier since they can get...umm...competitive? But if there are no females, often OK.
      "It's a strange and beautiful world" :rolleyes:
    • Yes, sorry, my original breeding pair didn't have any pups (because she was ill I think) - so maybe now with the younger female, the male will be able to produce pups?

      I didn't realise you could keep to many females together - that is really interesting, and I hope my two males don't get funny with their single female as she matures? What are the signs I need to look out for with the males not getting on: is it subtle behaviour and mind games like with Mongolians - or it is just outright fighting??

    • I just also found this in another forum - quoted from an author: "The castrated males in a mixed sex couple is not recommended. Researchers of the University of Halle have found that one third of the castrated males from such pairs is suddenly and inexplicably dead in the enclosure one day. It is suspected that the female puts the infertile male under so much stress that he dies from it."

      Could this be the same reason for Persians that you mentioned above (or is this author incorrect and it is just the surgery itself?).

      Interesting either way that castrated males don't do so well long term

    • Jaffar&Friends schrieb:

      and I hope my two males don't get funny with their single female as she matures?
      Well, yes, it could be a problem. My three men/two ladies fell apart when hormones raged. You will definitely notice if the men fight, either one mouse takes over the whole cage and the other one hardly dares to exit his cave, or an outright fight, or chasing and biting and death.

      But you will see if a problem arises, then please take out one of the men.
      "It's a strange and beautiful world" :rolleyes:
    • Hey, I like that..."declan" as in no longer a clan :D

      Dunno what the English name is...a clan, a group? In German we call it a group or clan as well...not so complicated!

      Where are you from originally/what nationality? Me, I am American but living in Germany since ages.

      Jaffar means "little river" in Arabic? How nice!

      "It's a strange and beautiful world" :rolleyes:
    • Born in England, still living in England. Did live a year in Florida when I was younger and a year in France a few years back. I don't mind a new place every so often (like Costa Rica)...

      Yes, Mongolian gerbils are forever squabbling and needing to be split up over here - so it is called a declanning event. I'm glad to hear that Persians aren't quite so difficult!