Persian females wanting to be out first...

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    • Good question, Jaffar!

      Do or did you actively train them to come out on your arm (like offering a mealy worm on your shoulder)?

      It can happen, but it is unlikely that they run up your arm because they enjoy being stroked. Heard of it with some few Shaws and many trained Mongolians and Persians...but alone, because they like you? Naw.

      If not, there might be a good chance that she is trying to escape an unpleasant/awful situation. I've seen this behavior in Mongolians being mobbed or chased by their partners, or where the cage is too small or too boring.

      So - how big is the cage?
      Who (what sexes, number), currently live there?
      Is it a boring cage?

      Every once in a while there is a super tame jird, but it is rare of its own accord.

      I would keep a close eye on the group. Two or three men and one lady can lead to discord.

      How many groups have you got?

      "It's a strange and beautiful world" :rolleyes:
    • Yes, I do always treat when they come to me - and rarely open the cage without treating in some form - so maybe that helps!

      One female is in with 2 young males - they are all less than 6 months old - and super friendly (demanding). I was advised when I started looking that Persians go well in a 2:1 set up - but think you guys are more 1:2 recommending? So if that is true - I will consider finding another friend for one of the males...

      Mum of a litter right now is ALWAYS waiting for me whenever I go in the room - and the Sisters never stop looking at me when they are awake (quite the deep sleepers these two) but they come equally to pester me as they know I always give 2 of everything.

      However just after I wrote this original thread - my giant old male lauched himself out the enclosure when I came in giving out waxworms - I've never seen him move so fast.

      Mind you in all cases I have started having them out more since I changed rooms a set ups. They aren't as big an enclosure as I would like at the moment, but all are nearly 1m x 1m x .5m filled with ledges, hammocks, branches, tubes and nests. Plenty to chew on and eat.

    • Jaffar&Friends schrieb:

      but think you guys are more 1:2 recommending?
      Well, the thing is - that could produce alot of pups. Socially fine, but mine had 2 litters each within 2 months, that was 26 babies!
      I guess you'll see if the 2:1 will become problematic when those male hormones start to kick in - Persians are relative late bloomers, usually between 6-10 months old for the males.
      Just keep an eye on them :)
      "It's a strange and beautiful world" :rolleyes:
    • Yup, 26 living, healthy pups within 2 months...and I'd say an additional 4-6 didn't make it (just disappeared, maybe died/eaten/reprocessed by mother). Average litter size was 6-7.

      That was Big Carl + his two ladies FloJo and Hinkebie, from the zoo Pilsen in the Czech Republic.

      We do think they are more fertile than the normal Persians, for whatever reason, maybe bred to reproduce quickly, as zoo breeding rodents are unfortunately often farmed out when one year old :(

      The Pilsener turned alot of our theories of Persian reproduction on its head - Big Carl's brother moved out with his 5 sisters, the brother got all five sisters pregnant, which had 1-2 litters before they caught on and had him castrated. I think that was 32 pups, and there was alot of stress because 5 mothers were looking for a quiet place for their litters and had to be taken out.

      We had thought that only the alpha female bears young, but I guess that is not true :D

      "It's a strange and beautiful world" :rolleyes:
    • Jaffar&Friends schrieb:

      my giant old male lauched himself out the enclosure when I came in giving out waxworms - I've never seen him move so fast.
      Hee hee, yup, wax worms perform wonders. I always call it the "crystal meth" of the jird world :D

      Almost scarey how keen on them they are. How many do you feed? Daily? Weekly?
      "It's a strange and beautiful world" :rolleyes:
    • Wow - big Carl's Brother sounds rather special! He must have been smiling in there!!!

      As for wax worms - I only order them around once a month at the moment so 2 or 3 a day each while I have them. However, I breed my own mealworms - so they get these most of the time (usually 3 or 4 several days a week) - I feed the larva and the pupa. I find the younger pups don't like them as much (same in Persians, Mongol and Doops).

      My partner often has 'spare' crickets and locust too, so they probably get one or two of them a month too/instead (never more than one serving of live food a day).

      Is this too much? They get much more live food that my duprasi currently as they take the mealworms from my hand - where the duprasi often don't find them and they turn into beetles and escape! They have to be awake when I am in the room to get live mealworms. Perhaps i need to invest in the little ceramic pots (instead of the plastic ones we use for our geckos) to keep the mealworms in one place?