Small Hamster Food ok? Help needed (from Japan)

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    • Small Hamster Food ok? Help needed (from Japan)

      Hi, someone mentioned that it was okay to seek advice here in English, so I hope this is okay. I’m about to get a dwarf hamster from an accidental litter next Sunday. I’ve done some research by google translating German information to create a food mix. In Japan we can’t get good quality mixes like rodipet so I had to create my own. Seeds here are very expensive so I’ve used larger quantities of cheaper seeds (though maybe made the mix too high in fat). I’ve used what I had in my house mostly, I had some organic herb seeds from my garden but only really small quantities. Could someone have a look?

      Oily seeds:-
      27% 135g
      Milk thistle 5g
      Fennel 5g
      Perilla 0.5g
      Alfalfa 6g
      Carrot 1 g
      Dill seed 1g
      Raddish 5g
      Broccoli 10g
      Caraway 5g
      Flax 20g
      Hemp 22.5g
      Chia 20g
      White sesame 15g
      Black sesame 10g
      Sunflower seeds 9g

      Grass and starch seeds/grains:-
      63% 315g
      Amaranth 35g
      Quinoa 35g
      barley 35g
      yellow millet 30g
      Red millet 30g
      buckwheat 30g
      Sorgum seed 30g
      Orchard grass seed 30g
      Timothy grass seed 30g
      Rye grass seed 30g

      Herb mix:-
      5% 25g
      plantain, chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint, clover, dandelion, cornflower, basil, perilla leaves, Jerusalem artichoke.

      5% 25g
      Dried crickets and meal worm mix

      I intend to feed around a heaped teaspoon a day plus daily forage Of meadow herbs from a nearby park (not near a busy road or sprayed with pesticides).